Egypt: Urgent statement Masbero Massacre is a Crime against Egypt

Cairo, October 10, 2011


Egypt: Urgent statement

Masbero Massacre is a Crime against Egypt


The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists announces mourning for three days due to the death of the victims of Masbero massacre –Muslims and Christians- took place yesterday in front of the formal headquarters of the Egyptian Television without any media coverage in a suitable professional way. In addition, they call citizens to face Coptic demonstrators who attack the Egyptian Army (This is the tone that the TV learned from the last two statements of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) in a clear reference that the demonstrators and rebels are not honorable people.

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists confirms that Masberso events happened yesterday whatever its description or justification or scenarios around it is definitely considered a crime that must be noticed and discussed where the right to life is one of the most sacred human rights. Yesterday events wasted this right by killing 24 persons from peaceful demonstrators by life bullets in head and chest over and above injuring more than 273 from the Egyptian people.

Additionally, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists asserts that what had happened yesterday is not a sectarian riot but a crime against January 25 Revolution, youth Revolution and Egypt’s stability and safety. A lot of the demonstrators were Muslims supporting their Coptic brothers. The crime and the confrontation were directed from Egypt’s army and police including Muslims and Christians against demonstrators; Muslims and Christians. So, it was not a confrontation between Muslim and Christian but between tyrant curbing security system and demonstrators and their right to express their views and object to dominant policies which do not achieve justice, equality and freedom.

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists calls the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to:

1.     Opening urgent fair investigation into yesterday events and arraigning the officials whatever their positions for killing innocent people.

2.     Deposing Essam Sharf government that had no existence or effect all through its period and forming new revolution government which can move Egypt from tyrant system to democratic free system plus purifying all sectors from corruptors from the previous regime and the Egyptian army only who has the right to protect the government without any interference in its jobs.

3.     Increasing privileges of the coming prime minister to play his role in achieving all objectives of January 25 Revolution without any interference from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

4.     Dismissing the Egyptian information minister and working on purifying media institution from corruption and leaders are loyal to the previous regime. Also, confirming that the Egyptian Television is owned by the Egyptian people not the government and, hence, the TV has to be honest in broadcasting events as a basic means for diffusing knowledge among audience.

5.     Ratifying a law for equality in belief freedom, building worship houses and practicing religious ceremonies in a free way all over Egypt without any illogic restrictions.

6.     Declaring specific obvious schedule for power transfer to civil elected power without any ambiguity in speech or expressions having more than one meaning.

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