Syrian Monster Assaults Syrian activist Ammar Qorubi in Geneva

Cairo in 22/9/2011

Syrian Monster
Assaults Syrian activist Ammar
Qorubi in Geneva


The Syrian regime -supported by some countries to stay in the ruling-  is still brutally suppressing the public revolution emerged in 15/03/2011 and lasted for more than six months killing thousands of people and tightening the siege on the political activists inside the country as well as arresting and prosecuting them, and further extended to political and human rights activists outside the borders of the country.

In this context, Ammar Qurabi, Head of the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria has subjected to an attack by a group of people in the train station in Geneva, Switzerland.  Although Ammar has not been injured or hurt, the “attack” targeted his personal computer and his briefcase involving number of important files.

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists expresses the deep concern over the attack of Ammar targeting his computer and bag, and also expresses his fear that the attack is a green light from the Syrian authorities to prosecute activists outside the borders of Syria.

The Program emphasizes that what is happening in Syria is a crime against humanity under the Rome Statute, and therefore the Program calls upon the international bodies and entities to stand in solidarity with the Syrian people and to act in accordance with United Nations mechanisms to stop the massacres carried out by the Syrian regime against his own unarmed people for more than 180 days so far.

On the other hand, the Arab Program demands the Syrian government to open a prompt and quick investigations  concerning  the assault of Ammar and bring those responsible into trial and held them accountable as well as to announce  the results of the investigation on public opinion on both national and international levels.

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