Urgent Statement Libyan Revolution… An Inevitable End for the Sake of People

Cairo in 23/8/2011

Urgent Statement
Libyan Revolution… An Inevitable End for the Sake of People

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists received -with great content- the news of the rebels taking over a number of government institutions and the media, and the assumption of the transitional council of the power. This comes after years of tyranny, political oppression and systematic repression against the Libyan press and media, as well as the politicization of civil society for the benefit of the Libyan regime, and the intention to the inheritance of power.

In the past few months, the Libyan people have witnessed the worst disasters of mass killings at the hands of Libyan security forces and elements of the revolutionary committees as well as factions of African snipers. The Libyan security forces have attacked people by anti-aircraft missiles, heavy artillery and tanks targeting civilians in their homes, in addition to the shooting of thousands of civilians during peaceful demonstrations and funeral.

In previous statements, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists has condemned such practices, and called upon the whole world to confront this black war waged by the Libyan regime against the people who demand rights guaranteed by international conventions.

Moreover, the Program calls on the Arab authorities in Syria and Yemen to rapidly and directly stop the bloody practices against their citizens, as also call on them to step down to spare the bloodshed of the Arabs and to meet the claims of freedom and political reform.

On the other hand, the Program demands the Libyan Transitional Council to the need to achieve social justice, provide all the necessary political guarantees for the democratic transition of governance in Libya, and to meet with the aspirations of the Libyan people of the new democratic political life.

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