Urgent Statement Unfair Verdicts and Violations against Activists, Doctors and Teachers in Bahrain

Cairo in 2/10/2011

Urgent Statement

Unfair Verdicts and Violations  against Activists, Doctors and Teachers in  Bahrain

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists Condemns the fake and rapid trails in Bahrain against human rights activists, opposition parties and even doctors due to their work in saving the lives of people during the protests in Bahrain in February.

The National Appeal Safety Court upheld the ruling of the National Primary Safety Court against 14 activists who were accused of attempting to change the political regime and the incitement to violence. These activists are sentenced to prison from two years into life imprisonment.

In 29 / 9, the Court of the National Safety in Manama City has sentenced on doctors, in addition to 20 others working in the field of health up to 15 years in prison under the accusation of  using Al Solaimania Complex  in Manama as a headquarter to run the pro-democracy protests near the Pearl square.

The Program stresses that these acts violate all international treaties and conventions, particularly Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights concerning fair trial and demands the Government of Bahrain to immediately stop the military trials for civilians.

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