Urgent – Syria Continuation of Massacres for Syrians

Urgent – Syria
Continuation of Massacres for Syrians

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists follows up with great concern the recent bloody events that alarms the collapse of Syria resulted from the use of deadly force by the military against unarmed civilians claim freedom and justice.

In Deir Al-Zour:

42 people have been and dozens wounded during a military operations carried out by the Syrian army in the city of Deir Al-Zour on Sunday 08/07/2011, according to Syrian human rights organizations.

In Hama:

Not less than “100” people dead and hundreds injured in an attack launched by the Syrian forces on Hama City. Besides, they cut off water, electricity and phone lines since the dawn of August 03, 2011 coincided with the breaking of the tanks and armored vehicles into the city.

This led the Security Council to announce a presidential statement condemning the massive violations of human rights and the excessive use of force against civilians by the Syrian authorities and called upon the government to respect their commitments in the field of human rights.


APHRA calls upon the Egyptian Supreme Council of Armed Forces to adopt a clear stance towards the Syrian government and to expel the Syrian Ambassador in Cairo and to stand aside to side with the Syrian people in their glorious revolution.

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