Urgent – Syria Syrian Authorities Bombing Its People in Land and Sea

Cairo in 15/8/2011

Urgent – Syria
Syrian Authorities Bombing
Its People in Land and Sea

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists is denouncing the humanitarian situation on Syrian territory and the violations of human rights of the Syrian people of arbitrary arrests, torture and killing and bombing of houses, mosques and finally the use of Marine bombing of unarmed demonstrators.

The Syrian forces, at dawn on Monday 15/8/2011, have bombed neighborhoods from the port of Latakia, killing 31 people, including four children and three women and injuring thirty. In the meantime, the forces supported by tanks and armored vehicles have broken into the City, surrounded it and then launched a campaign of arbitrary arrests and resulted in the internal displacement, particularly for women and children for fear of the anticipated military operation.

Meanwhile, 21 people in the Deir El-Zor, 6 in the City of Homs, 2 in Hama province, one in Idlib and 3 in Daraa have been killed.

The acts carried out by the Syrian authorities can be considered crimes against humanity under all conventions, treaties and international laws, particularly the Charter of the International Criminal Court. Moreover, the acts of the Syrian authorities are a clear cut breach of Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights relevant to the right to life.

The Program demands the Syrian authorities to immediately stop and end all military operations against the defenseless people claiming for freedom, justice and reform.

The Program also calls for the international community to take effective steps to exert pressure on the Syrian government to immediately surrender to the demands of the people and to the work hardly on their implementation.

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