UrgentYemen Yemeni Security Continues Massacres Against Peaceful Demonstrators

Cairo in 22/9/2011

Urgent – Yemen
Yemeni SecurityContinuesMassacres
AgainstPeaceful Demonstrators

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists condemns the usage of the Yemeni security forces of live bullets, tear gas and medium-weapons “anti-aircraft guns” aganist protestors to disperse them. According to witnesses, one of the supporters of President Ali Abdullah Saleh has launched a bullet from “RPG” towards the protestors who were peacefully demonstrating to reach Al Tagheer (Change) Square resulted in the killing of 53 people and 942 injured on Sunday. The incident is considered a massacre committed by the security forces against peaceful demonstrators and also a clear cut violation of all international norms and conventions.

The Program stresses on the need to take steps to save the Yemeni people and to bring those responsible for these massacres into justice.

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