Campaigns to build a new culture of civil action

The program of the Arab human rights activists and civil society organizations had a prominent role in the ongoing struggle to admit more equitable and democratic law for civil work in Egypt, which led to the overthrow of law 32 of 1964 and the enactment of Law 153 of 1999, and now the current Law No. 84 of 2002 and over nine years the Arab Program worked on this law from Aswan to Cairo via seminars, conferences, studies and researches in order to achieve agreement and to change public opinion against the trends of this law and work to repeal or modify it in the post-revolution phase which is a very difficult transitional stage.
Arab Program for Human Rights Activists aimed to establish a series of campaigns to build a new culture of civil work in Egypt in cooperation with the International Centre for the laws of civil society organizations


First campaign “toward building a new culture of civil work in Egypt“ on July 17, 2011, Scout Center.
discussion was made about number of important and affecting issues related to freedom of organisation and civil work in Egypt during the debate, such as the concept of civil work and it’s history in Egypt since 1952.
It has also discussed the future of freedom of association and civil work in circumstances of the January 25th revolution and the process of building a new culture of mechanisms in Egypt and the freedom of civil action between the legalization of the Constitution and law restrictions and recommended to correct this path.
A team of the experts in civil work of Cairo and neighboring provinces have participated.
The campaign is followed by another two campaigns.
In the first campaign all of the following are participating : Mrs. Nolh Darwish, Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Shukr, Mr. Nejad Borai, Dr. Amani Kandil, Mr. Mahmood Murtaza,and Mrs.Mona Ezzat  

.                                                                  .  الحمله1لل

Second campaign “ towards building a new culture of civil work in Egypt ” on Tuesday, July 19, 2011in City Training Center,Egypt Caritas, Alexandria.

.                .                      .                            الحملة الثانية

The third campaign: to build a new culture of civil work in Egypt , on July 30, 2011, in Hathor Hotel, Qena.

.                .                                               .الحملة الثالثة

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