The Project ” to build a new culture of civil work in Egypt”

As a completion of the large persistent efforts of  the Arab program for Human Rights Activists and it’s quest to defend the institutions of civil society, and because of the the systemic exclusion deliberated by Egyptian authorities against organizations and civil society in general, particularly, human rights organizations, for more than six months.
That was manifested by the raid of seventeen headquarters of local and foreign human rights organizations and confiscation of electronic publications, files and documents, including devices.

As Arab Program for Human Rights Activists have being considered as Arab regional institution which its mission is to defend activists and civil society institutions.
the project to build a new culture of civil work in Egypt aimed to face the deliberate distortion of the government against activists and civil institutions.
It has also aimed to defend activists and civil society organizations from actions and attacks that were outside the framework of domestic and international laws.
The project then worked on the development of important and realistic standards and principles for the formulation of a new law for civil work in Egypt, as an improvement of the diversity of laws governing the work of civil society organizations and the fact that it has been controled by either the NGO law or civil law attorney or commercial law.

Arab Program for Human Rights Activists launched a unit to support non-governmental organizations and announced three hot lines on January 9, 2012.

As well as a large number of activities within the overall objectives of the project for example : round table , workshops, training courses, studies and research, conferences, poster , documentry films,forums and other activities.

Arab Program for Human Rights Activists organized four round tables about different topics.


First Round table on January 17, 2012 Journalists Syndicate , titled toward a new understanding of the dialectical relationship between the institutions of civil society and controversial siege and path.


Second Round Table: January 19, 2012 , Journalists Syndicate . Titled “Towards a new understanding of civil work in Egypt, the prohibitions of work and funding as dangerous issues . A vital role.


Third round table : The new Law on Associations controversial siege and track January 24, 2012 Journalists Syndicate


Fourth round table toward a new understanding of the civil work in Egypt, contributions of civil society in development and democratic change as a space between the citizen and the state February 1, 2012 Journalists’ Syndicate.


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