Film to introduce the National Strategy for Anti-Corruption

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists
Continues the implementation of “Year of the national strategy to combat corruption launch” campaign
The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists launched an animation film to introduce the National Strategy for Anti-Corruption and the institutions responsible for the implementation and the monitoring process, in addition to the mechanisms of action and the goals of the operational plan in a simple language, in order to reinforce the oversight role of the public and to engage citizens in the anti-corruption mechanisms and process. Link of the animation film:
It is worth mentioning that this film comes in the framework of the implementation of the campaign entitled “On Year on the National Strategy for Anti-Corruption”. This campaign includes the training of 90 civil society organizations in various Egyptian governorates on mechanisms of following up the Strategy effectively and means of activating the role of civil society in the dissemination of values of integrity and transparency and the training on the main pillars of National Integrity System as well.
Moreover, the campaign aims to establish a broad coalition of civil society organizations to work on the follow-up of the state institutions and the Egyptian government during the implementation of the National Strategy.
As part of the campaign itself, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists convened yesterday Sunday, January 31, 2016 the roundtable for members of the House of Representatives and political parties aiming to discuss the draft bill of the establishment of an independent anti-corruption Commission prepared by the Arab Program. This roundtable is part of an extended series of meetings held by the Arab Program with number of legal experts, journalists and representatives of civil society on the same draft in order to gather recommendations from various sectors before submission to parliament for discussion.

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